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By Michelle Scott, Kate Murray and Sylvy Bouchard

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How to care for a show coat

Good quality shampoo
Good quality conditioner
Hair dryer
Good quality pin brush
Good quality comb
Good quality slicker brush
Spray bottle
Elastic bands
Plastic wrapping

A Poodle in show coat must be always be clean. It should be bathed at least every 10 days, using a very good quality shampoo and conditioner. Always handle the coat very gently. Bath the dog using a high quality gentle shampoo, rinse very well. Remove excess moisture from the coat (remember be always gentle) then apply a good quality conditioner. Do not rinse after the conditioner. For Toys and Miniatures, wrap them in a towel but DON'T rub the coat. For Standards, remove excess water by pressing a bath towel against the coat without rubbing. Dry the coat using the slicker brush for  shorter coat and the pin brush for longer coat, using a hair dryer.
The coat should be brushed every day very gently. Never brush a dry coat, slightly spay conditioner on the coat. Brush in the way the coat grows, the tips first and going gradually to the skin. You should always finish your movement in a well brushed coat.
Brush with a straight movement from the wrist:
NEVER brush with a twisting movement from the wrist:

A twisting movement from the wrist will rip out the coat by twisting the coat around the pins of the brush.
Change the wrapping or banding every day. To cut the elastic band without touching the coat, lift the elastic band and then cut it.
Don't forget that the quality of the coat is hereditary. Also, feed the coat by feeding your Poodle a very good quality diet. The coat is made of 100% proteins so your Poodle should have enough proteins in its daily diet to build it!

Good luck at your next show!

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